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Daniele Radini Tedeschi / 2020

Essay on Giancarlo Flati - Atlante dell’Arte Contemporanea De Agostini 2020

(...) Starting from the 2000s, he inaugurated a productive period full of changes made explicit in a cycle of works entitled Period of the New Figuration (Profondo Invisibile). The Latins would define it nomen omen, in fact, it is clear how the attention has shifted from an external to an internal level. Ours explores artistic aesthetics in favor of a new communicative register, based on the relationship between matter and mind, aimed for the subversion of classical representation. The gestures unite with the material giving life to dense lumps of pigments distributed on the pictorial surface, where he intends to underline the relationships between micro and macro-dimensions, producing compositions with scientific precision. In this way, representations seem to the observer that refer to microscopic analysis, but are mainly configured as the result of inner dimensions manifested on the two-dimensional support.

The union between science and art leads to metaphysical-philosophical-scientific intersection levels, in which Flati is not interested in the fragmentation of reality, but more in the possibility of making explicit the perception of another dimension. His investigating eye has no interest sic et simpliciter for the three recognized dimensions, but for the one hidden from the evidence: the interiority. The object data offered to man is in fact considered by him to be untrue, albeit a '' projection '' perceived as real. In this last data, a tangency with the physical theory of the holomovement is assumed, which, in a nutshell, asserts the illusiveness of the Universe. Bohm, a famous physicist from the University of London, affirmed the non-existence of the latter, to be considered as a gigantic hologram. Flati's analytical research, in accordance with these principles, investigates the categories of time, space, mind, and matter, revealing a new language, including the mental and emotional changes of contemporary man.

The artist is in search of spirituality in contingency and reaches it by moving to a place of fusion between science and art. In recent years, he has devoted himself to new techniques centered on the concept of virtual painting, consisting of microchips and software.